The Cold War
 Worry is not a word I allowd myself to use"-  Dwight Eisenhower


One of the controversies that President Eisenhower face was the cold war. This was not a war that included any type of weapon or suffer any casualties. Joseph Stalin passed away in the year 1953 and Nikita Khrushchev took over USSR. They wanted to control over the Eastern part of Europe. They passed in the Warsaw pact.

The United States and the USSR were both the leading countries during this time period. But the USSR wanted to be better than the United States. Prseident Eisenhower agreed that the United States has more advance technology and better lifestyle.

The USSR now had Nuclear weapons in their hands. Many Americans started to build bomb shelters.

Eisenhower did not want to have any problems becuase he care for the people of the United States. It was difficult for him becuase the USSR now had nuclear bombs and he did not want his people to suffer. Eisenhower invited Nikita to the United States to stop the cold war this became known as "Detente".

. The cold war influence the Berlin blockade, Cuban Missile crisis, Hungarian upright, Suez crisis, and the Vietnam war.

One of the events that affected the United States was the Hungarian upright. The Hungarians were tired from the oppresion of the USSR. The USSR reacted killing many Hungarians, but the United States did not help them fight against the communist. Eisenhower knew that if he helped Hungry a nuclear war would start. He did want to risk anyones life. On the other hand, the Hungarians were very upset becuase they did not follow the Eisenhower Doctorine. 

The relationship between the two countries came to an end. Both countries decided to change their differences.  The soviet union economy was decreasing very slowly. Nikita was not in charge of the Soviet Union. Gorbachev took over allowing peace with the United States.