President Dwight David Eisenhower 

 "An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more than he knows"-President Dwight Eisenhower



Persident Ike
Eisenhower announced his candidacy for the Republican party after leaving The University of Columbia. In June 4 1952 he was nominated president. We was elected president in November 4 1952.  He served two terms as president. He went into office in the year 1953 and ended in the year 1961.  

During this time period America was growing even faster. Families move to the suburbs,they bought kitchen appliances, and even a hula - hoop.  About 20 million Americans own a small television in their living rooms. Mass media began to increase all over the United States of America. It had a big impact on everyone. Mc. Donalds and KFC spur all over the nation. People ate in thier cars rather than the kitchen table. The lifestyle and culture change for many Americans. During this time period the Baby Boom had increase. There were about  79 million babies born in the 1950. 

The Korean war broke out. President Eisenhower supported South Korea by giving them supplies. In 1953 he ended the war between South Korea and North Korea. He signed an armstice in order to end the war. Many Americans were proud with Eisenhowers decision of ending the war. The 38th parrallel was than established for the boundaries between the two countries.

Technology was one of ideas that Eisenhower strongly encourage. The Russians launched the first satallite called Sputnik.  Both Nikita Khroshchev and Eisenhower agreed that conquering space was very important. The space race had started for both of the countires. The United States send the first satalitte called the Explore 1. Preseident Eisenhower decided that NASA should do everything they can to explore the moon. The Communist leaders wanted show the Americans that thier technology was useless. But President Eisenhowers being so patriotic he wanted to show that they can reach to the moon than the communist.

The Eisenhower Doctrine was very important for both the Americans, Europeans, and the USSR. Eisenhower said, that they will protect the middle east against any communist country. Congress approve this doctorine. 

He also sponsered the Federal Aid Highway act of 1956 to promote public works and create new routes. This allowed more jobs for the people, but also help the citezens reach their house more safely.

President Eisenhower proclaimed Alaska as the 49th state and Hawaii as the 50 state. He believed that this was great idea becuase all the 50 states can work together to fight for peace and justice.