Great Accomplishment
"If a problem cant be solved, enlarge it" Dwight

One of  Eisenhowers accomplishment was the Civil Rights Bill of 1957.
The 1957 civil rights bill ensure that all African Americans have the right to vote. The bill increase the number of  African American voters. This bill explained that African Americans are part of the United States and they should not be forgotten. Now many African Americans can vote.
Eisenhower made sure that everyone in the United States was free and save. Eisenhower states, "I believe that the United States must make certain that every citizen who is entitled to vote under the Constitution is given actually that right. I believe also that in sustaining that right we must sustain the power of the Federal judges in whose hands such cases would fall"

Peace was the greatest accomplishment


Eisenhower kept the United States from many wars. He was threaten by the cold war violence and other countries, but he did not want to drop any bombs or cause any casualties. He wanted to avoid problems. Peace was his answer instead of dropping nuclear bombs.