General Dwight David Eisenhower

General Ike

"Any man who wants to be president is either an egomaniac or crazy" - Genral Eisenhower

After Pearl Harbor, Eisenhower became the most respected general. General George C. Marshall called Eisenhower to plan war tactics. Everyone in that room became impress of Eisenhowers plans. After completing every assigment he was appointed major general in March, 1942. Eisenhower gained the respect of many soldiers.

His wife and son were sad becuase he never spend time with his family. His mother was very depressed becuase she did not want him to leave. His brothers were very proud of Eisenhower.

Few months later, he became lieutanant. Eisenhower was in charge of "Operation Torch" in North Africa.  He was than directed to Italy which he had a great impression, which reseulted in the fall of Rome. General Eisenhower became Supreme Commander of WW2 wich he led the invasion of Normandy. He called it the "Operation Overload". He knew the consequences of the weather but he never gave up. That same day his son gruaduated from West Point but he did not attended the ceremony.

He also lead the Battle of the Bulge were he suffer many casulaties. His faith and his bad temper allowed him to continue.  Eisenhower commanded the biggest army in D-Day and won with a tremedous victory.  He than went to see the death camps to experience what the Nazis have done.

Since then Eisenhower became the five star general. Everyone in Europe admire him for his courage and strength. He was "THE MAN OF THE HOUR."   

General Eisenhower became a great politician becuase he made decisions and plans with Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt . He became a true hero becuase he spoke for the safety of everyone. The advice from FDR and Winston Churchill allowed him to expand his polotical view.