"We seek peace, knowing that peace is the climate of freedom"- Dwight Eisenhower

Rest In Peace Eisenhower

After the White House

After ending his presidency Eisenhower spend all his life with his wife. They move into a farm near Gettysburg.  Eisenhower loved to travel to Europe. He wrote two books for the rest of his life.  

In 1955 he suffer a minor stroke,but the doctors told him he only had 10 more years.  He spend time with his family. 

In March 28, 1969 Eisenhower passed away from heart failure. His last words were, "God please take me home" 

Eisenhower was buried in Albiene Kansas were his son, mom, and dad were buried.

Everyone was sad becuase Dwight David Eisenhower passed away. Around the world everyone mourned his death becuase he was the Five Star General. He helped mankind from violence and hatred.